Keynote 1:  Current development of nanoscience & Nanotechnology

Professor Andrea Ferrari


Director of the Cambridge Graphene Centre and of the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Graphene Technology

Cambridge University, United Kingdom


Keynote 2: Current trend of Nanoscience in industrial perspectives

Professor Edward Lester

Title: Nanocatalysts and the sustainable manufacture of nanomaterials at industrial scale

University of Nottingham, United Kingdom (


Keynote 3: Nanomedicine, Challenges and Forecast

Professor Thanh Nguyen

Title: Plasmonic and Magnetic Nanoparticles for Healthcare Applications

University College London, United Kingdom

Keynote 4: Nano-energy


Professor Andreas SteinTitle: Designing High Capacity Electrode Materials for Lithium-Ion Batteries

Distinguished McKnight University Professor, Merck Professor in Chemistry, University of Minnesota, USA (

Keynote 5: Theme Nanomedicine (general)-I


Dr Robert Pal

Title: Light-driven molecular nanomachines as targeted photodynamic therapy agents

Director of Research and Development, FScan Ltd. and PB Spectroscopy Ltd., Durham University, UK (

Keynote 6: Theme Nano-environment (Water)-I

TBC soon

Keynote 7: Theme Clinical Nanomedicine


Prof. Morteza Mahmoudi,

Title: Nanobiointerfaces: Implications of Biomolecular Corona

Michigan State University, USA(

Keynote 8: Industrial perspectives in Nanocatalysis & Green Technology

Dr Antonio Zanotti-Gerosa

Title: Catalysis for fine chemicals: opportunities for greener processes

Keynote 9: Industrial perspectives in Nanocatalysis & Green Technology

Professor Anne Davidson

Laboratoire de Reactive de Surface Sorbonne University (Panthéon-Assas, Paris-Sorbonne, UPMC, UTC, MNHN and INSEAD), Paris, France

Keynote 10: Theme Nano-energy, Nano-catalysis and Green Technology


Prof. Vivek Polshettiwar

Title: Morphology Controlled Nanocatalysis

Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, India (